About us

Rapid technological progress positively affects the dynamics of the development of our company. It motivates us to continuous improvement of products, processes and personnel.

We continue to invest in ideas, research and technological solutions characterized by:

  • Innovation
  • Environmental performance
  • Cost effectiveness

Combining the latest research with effective implementation of the project reinforced our strong market position. Building the status of the leader is a process that we carry out by taking initiatives based on specific assumptions, such as:


We set ourselves ambitious operational goals, to ensure the best energy saving solutions. The GETS system is an efficient product that guarantees excess energy produced by RES installations, with the support of backup generators.


Our system solutions do not pose any threat to the environment. In our activities, we aim to provide comprehensive protection of the environment. The technical systems produced by GETS are harmless owing to the acquisition of energy from inexhaustible sources, which ensures the continuity and autonomy of activity, in accordance with international and domestic law, as well as the European Union regulations.


We focus on achieving high performance of the mast GETS through research, development and implementation of new technological solutions. We also invest in staff training, maintaining the highest ethical standards in the field of environmental protection and occupational health and safety. We cooperate with the best universities, eminent scientists and experts.