The system is a kind of "free" hot air, solar-powered generator. Integrated with the body of the container, it has no moving parts and does not require maintenance. Its use allows to avoid the cost of the facade. It has been adapted to the requirements of the original project and the patented container GETS. In modernized objects, the system protects container from the weather conditions and is a barrier to heat loss through the wall.

Specially perforated and profiled metal collector panels are installed at a distance of several centimeters from the right wall of the container (the southern, south-eastern, south-west, but also east and west). Dark, metal panels heat up due to solar radiation (collector area can also be partially glazed if we want to obtain a bigger increase in temperature). The air in the space between the wall and the panels pre-heats. Conventional ventilation systems connected with existing HVAC equipment (reheating if necessary), or fans and textile air distribution channels are used in order to distribute the air. GETS, depending on the system configuration, provides up to 900 kWh/m2 during the heating period.

The special design of the entire system ensures maximum energy efficiency of the system. On a sunny day, before the air gets into the heating and ventilation unit, it is already pre-heated from 16 to 38°C above the outside air temperature (slightly less on a cloudy day). The system is effective even during full overcast.

The GETS system protects the wall of the container against intense sunlight during the summer. It is a kind of protective shield, preventing the direct heating of the south/south-west wall. Warm air in the space of the installation rises and escapes through the absorbers in the upper part of the housing, because the inlet to the ventilation system is then closed. The space in the system is therefore always naturally ventilated. At the time of closing the flow of heating air from the installation to the ventilation system, the shutter of summer bypass is opened to direct flow of fresh air from outside the building. All this minimizes the costs associated with the process of cooling the object during the summer.

The system is placed between the compressor and the condenser. Depending on the needs, it assists heating or cooling system. In commercial applications (6 days, 8 hours) 80% of the costs over 10 years are the fees for electricity. Only 20% are the costs of purchasing the system. Return on investment is incomparably faster, due to huge savings in operating costs.

Innovative technology of heating and cooling is the most efficient cooling/heating system in the world. The container GETS, by using solar radiation for cooling or heating, saves up to 70% energy compared with conventional air conditioners without a solar panel. The greatest advantage of the cooling system is that the higher the outdoor temperature, the more efficiently the system cools.