The GETS mast is the telecommunication - measuring tower with autonomous electric power supply system covered by the patent application no. P.410517. The building also functions as a support structure of antenna systems for wireless telecommunication, radio broadcasting, surveillance systems or other, and the facility equipped with a range of measurement systems with various parameters, including those used for the purposes of monitoring of the environment and the operation of the facility itself. In addition, an individual and specific feature of the steel frame structure of the tower according to the invention is the applied solution of frame stem curbs – legs of the tower not constituting additional wind resistance. Steel, rolled I -profiles, providing the ability to place cable routes in the inner space between the flanges of the profile and enabling their mounting through proper placement of flat steel. Continuity of cable routes over the entire height of the tower, in turn, is provided by a type of applied connections - twisted, overlapping. This is an innovative solution unused before in this type of structures, which enables to reduce the air resistance strength (of wind) of the tower at its height, by eliminating the need for independent cable ladders which are additional windward surfaces. At the same time there is no need to use closed profiles, allowing free access to cable routes.