Monitoring system and UAV


To protect and monitor areas in case of any detection (e.g. fire, sabotage, border crossing or car accident) we started a new project with using UAV.


The fully automatic flight system that allows for automatic starting/landing according to the set flight parameters, including the possibility of unlimited configuration of the flight scenarios in real time.


To our specific actions we use HRC-Series Thermal imaging camera for ultra-long range surveillance applications with cooled InSb detector. The HRC-Series are equipped with a highly reliable, mid-wave, cooled Indium Antimonide (InSb) detector which offers extremely long range detection in all weather conditions. The cameras offer a continuous zoom. This offers excellent situational awareness while also giving the possibility to zoom in at suspect activities, and have a closer look, once they are detected. The HRC-series can be integrated into existing networks or used portably. The HRC-Series offer extreme long range detection and excellent image quality, in the darkest of nights, through smoke and dust. You can detect a man-size target several kilometers away. All thermal imaging cameras are extremely suited for border and coastal surveillance but also for mid-range threat detection.