Road weight measurement

Dynamic Weight Measurement System

GETS possess the system of dynamic weighing (Weigh in Motion) for vehicles.

Technology : Optical fibre
Goal : to weigh with accuracy >95% at 90 Km/h, 70 tons.

Dynamic Weight Measurement System (DWMS) developed a product that has no equal throughout the world, with the following advantages compared to the existing systems :
• a high degree of precision (pico-metric level).
• inert to errors induced by magnetic fields.
• inert to chemical aggression, corrosion by deicing salt, acid rain, polluted air
due to oxide and carbon dioxide.

Other potential markets
The system developed by DWMS can have an outlet on other potential markets :
• fast roads
• ports (for ferries control)
• quarries and landfills, shipyards
• bridges and tunnels
At the possible attainment of an accuracy equal to 99.8-99.9%, it will be able to replace the static scales market that only in Italy is equal to 1,000 scales/year.